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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their goals. I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills and specialities include book covers, social media marketing, Adobe PhotoShop (certified), and Getting Things Done.

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My portfolio showcases various commercial and personal projects created throughout my career. Subscribe to my site to get updated when I add new stuff.

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I have been editing photos for over 10 years. What began as a hobby soon morphed into professional photo editing for models. And from there to a few brave souls willing to let me show their stories.

My first published book covers were in April 2018 and now include over 40 titles. Photo editing for professional models and photographers is where the fascination started. And in June of 2019 I received my official certification for Adobe PhotoShop from the Academy of Film, Fashion & Design.

Free time is an expensive commodity in this household, but hanging out with my husband of 18 years and our 15 year old daughter is first on that list. The six year old part Maine Coon cat usually takes over that time.

In my down time I can be found creating original designs or reading. Want to talk cats? Or books? Have questions about my work? Being a mom? I’m always willing to chat and make new friends.

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